The New Album is coming along nicely.

Work in progress.

#Saturday was an action packed-day. After finishing the #mixes of the brand #new #songs at home (11 tracks at present, which apparently is a magic number and the perfect amount of songs that has to go inside an #album according to Freddie #Mercury) we have recorded the drums at the mighty MagPie Studios in Kent, where Mr #Creese has engineered our guy #Charlie who had a long and sweaty day.

#Drums are really the one bit you can't #record at home even if you're doing a home session, I mean unless you want the #neighbours to call in the #police.You also need specific #microphones that normally only #music #studios have.

In a few weeks we will receive back the songs mixed and once mastered in #London, we'll be ready to set up the pre-order for the first single, of which you guys only (subscribers to this #newsletter) will receive first and beforehand.

Sorry if titles and audio are still hidden but we promise this is all worth the wait. We have also set a date for the music video shooting and we'll be teasing you with loads of snippets as soon as the online pre-order page is up.

In the meantime there're work in progress for a massive news that is going to land on our social network in the next few hours-days.

We hope the Country where you are living has been easing the #lockdown regulations and that you are coming back to some sort of #normality.

Keep #safe out there and watch this space!


The new album will be a #concept, with songs connected one to each other, and will touch on the following subjects, among many others:

We simply can't wait to land the first #single and give you all the opportunity to share the love and pre-order this new work in #Autumn. Dramalove