Riccardo's Patreon is now live!

Today we are announcing that Riccardo has finally published his official Patreon! During these times of hardship, with live gigs cancelled for the foreseeable future, our sole source of income has been the merchandise. But as of today, you'll be able to help us carrying on doing what we love by simply heading to:


and making a donation, according to the sort of reward you wish to get.

We've decided to go through Riccardo's personal account has he has a wider range of following among the Instagram audience, but if you'll read the tiers in details you'll see there's more than one treat in store for our beloved supporters!

We'd like to take the chance to say a massive THANK YOU to anyone who's supported us financially so far by purchasing an item from our merch shop, and we hope you'll take a minute to check out the result of Riccardo's hard work. It took a lot of preparations!

Another couple of breaking news: 

- we've released a compilation called DARK AGES in mainland China. This is a milestone that we're very proud of, they avail of totally different streaming services over there and we hope this represents a beginning of a new side-journey which might lead to Dramalove touring over there one day.

- we're receiving SO MANY requests of touring in the USA that we're actually planning on doing something when the pandemic has gone out

- we're writing A NEW EP of which the leading single will be released very soon. 

Stay tuned!