Written In The Stars

After BBC Introduced several airplay and the "Best New Bands 2019" compilation cd feature on Classic Rock Magazine, the ambitious and exuberant alternative rock three-piece Dramalove hit back with a new single, called "Written In The Stars".

"It's the first song I wrote when I've relocated to the U.K, and I'm so thrilled to have the opportunity to finally be able to share it with the world," says Diego.

Hard to put in a box genre-wise, the song features aggressive synths mixed with electric guitars and a lost love lament, a pain that is a result of the leap of faith you take when you sail over 1.000 km away from home to make your dreams come true.

"According to the ancient books, the word Destiny has the same root origin as the word Constellation" explains Diego, "like a path we have to discover step after step in life but that at the same time is already set the same second we're born. I've always been fascinated by such thoughts and it went down easy putting them into a song, after finding myself staring for hours at a very clear night sky in south England and pondering about the fact that every single choice I've made in life got me where I was at the time".

"When we dream something, it's never random: when we feel the desire of something, it's because that something is waiting for us".


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